English Muffins

These English Muffins are great for toasting, and can be toasted and eaten plain, or with anything from a breakfast sandwich to a burger.  They taste very close to well known brands, and even keep for a couple of days in the fridge.

Almond Flour Bread

When I figure out a way to make this bread taller, I will let you know!  In the mean time, I enjoy this bread toasted with butter, cinnamon, pecan butter, or really any way!

90 Second Bread

This bread is incredibly simple to make, uses only your microwave, and only dirties one dish!  I usually make mine in a microwave safe salad bowl, but you can use any microwave safe vessel, like a coffee mug or a water glass.  This tastes a LOT less like egg than some other “quick Keto breads”, […]

Keto Cheese Crackers

These Keto Cheese Crackers are a big hit in my family, both with those who are dieting, and those who aren’t!  They are a great go-to snack food where you would usually reach for “bad” crackers.  I hope that you enjoy these as much as we do!

Almond Flour Rolls

These Almond Flour Rolls are wonderful.  They gave me the opportunity to make something that I had been craving, BREAD, without any guilt!  At 1.25 g Net Carbs per roll, I can eat these rolls every day! I personally mix entirely with a fork.  I tried to make the dough with a hand mixer once, […]

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