Crustless Bacon Quiche

This recipe is enjoyed by many!

90 Second Bread

This bread is incredibly simple to make, uses only your microwave, and only dirties one dish!  I usually make mine in a microwave safe salad bowl, but you can use any microwave safe vessel, like a coffee mug or a water glass.  This tastes a LOT less like egg than some other “quick Keto breads”, […]

Almond Flour Bread

When I figure out a way to make this bread taller, I will let you know!  In the mean time, I enjoy this bread toasted with butter, cinnamon, pecan butter, or really any way!

Almond Flour Rolls

These Almond Flour Rolls are wonderful.  They gave me the opportunity to make something that I had been craving, BREAD, without any guilt!  At 1.25 g Net Carbs per roll, I can eat these rolls every day! I personally mix entirely with a fork.  I tried to make the dough with a hand mixer once, […]

Bacon & Ham Frittata

This is an easy breakfast that you can make on Sunday and enjoy as leftovers all week!

Breakfast Sausage

After reading the nutrition facts on the store-bought breakfast sausage that we usually eat, I decided to try to make my own.  We both enjoy this sausage, and I hope that you do too!

Brown Sugar Substitute

Whether you’re making a streusel topping, or cookies, this substitute sure comes in handy!


If you’re missing brownies, look no further!

Burger Bowls

I know, not the classiest name, but these Burger Bowls are a dinner staple in my house.  Between being really quick and easy to make, being very tasty and Keto friendly, I make this for dinner at least once a week.  I also make it in the 3-serving size so that I can have leftovers […]

Cheese Chips

I missed chips.  These are a bit too fragile to eat with a hearty dip, but work wonders when you’re missing something crunchy!

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