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A lot of people have asked me if I can have alcohol, and the answer is YES, I can!  I just have to be smart about it.  Sure, it’s easy to order a water with lemon, but sometimes you are looking for something with a kick.  I have never been a beer or wine drinker […]

If we are lucky enough to have the occasional company sponsored breakfast, we know that it’s hard to stay within your diet at one!  Between the sweet smelling doughnuts and the wonderful aroma of toasting bagels, it can be hard to find something to eat without pushing yourself off the proverbial wagon.  My trick is […]

Dining out

Dining out can seem like a nightmare when you are trying to be good.  Here are a couple of tips that might help: Don’t be afraid to ask your server for low carb options.  I frequently order “pulled chicken soft tacos” on lettuce wraps instead of tortillas.  They may be a lot harder to pick […]

As my first post, I would like to give you a little background on the Keto diet.  Essentially, it is low carb and high fat.  To calculate the grams of “Net Carbs” in a particular food, you take “Total carbs” and subtract any fiber and sugar alcohols.  For example, if you look at my recipe […]

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