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As my first post, I would like to give you a little background on the Keto diet.  Essentially, it is low carb and high fat.  To calculate the grams of “Net Carbs” in a particular food, you take “Total carbs” and subtract any fiber and sugar alcohols.  For example, if you look at my recipe for Pecan Butter, the total carbs would be 3.45g, minus the fiber at 2.70g, which is why the recipe states that the Net Carbs = 0.75g per serving.  The reason that we don’t count fiber or sugar alcohols is that your body handles them differently, and aren’t absorbed.

The reason that the diet is low carb – high fat is because your body still needs fuel.  Simply cutting out carbs leaves you feeling tired and hungry all the time.  Nobody wants that!  Increasing your fat intake (which goes against everything we have ever been taught) helps your body learn to burn your existing stores as fuel instead of relying on your carb fueled diet.

There are three categories of low carb; under 20g, 20g – 40g, and 40g – 60g.  If you are ready to go all in, I would start with trying to stay under 20g a day.  If you are nervous about cutting out everything you know and love, you could start in the 20g-40g range and work your way down as you get more comfortable.  The 40g – 60g range is more for people who want to give it a try without changing a too much in their existing diet.

I know that it sounds strange, but with my success, plus the success of others around me, I know that this diet works  I hope it can work for you as well!

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By Christine
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