These Almond Flour Rolls are wonderful.  They gave me the opportunity to make something that I had been craving, BREAD, without any guilt!  At 1.25 g Net Carbs per roll, I can eat these rolls every day!

I personally mix entirely with a fork.  I tried to make the dough with a hand mixer once, and it crept up the beaters… It was a mess.  You can let the batter cool for about 5 minutes before forming into balls, but don’t wait too long or it will be too stiff to shape nicely.  The hardest part is waiting for them to come out of the oven – they start smelling delicious after about a half hour of cooking.  Allow to cool slightly before cutting open, as the outsides can be a bit soft when they are fresh out of the oven.  These rolls are amazing with my homemade pecan butter, or even as a breakfast sandwich.  They are not quite firm enough to hold the weight of a burger, and tend to be too thick to fit into a standard toaster.  These do broil well when split open, if you want to toast them.  They will keep for a week on your counter, if they make it that long without being eaten!  I leave them in a paper bag to allow for some air circulation.  Enjoy!