Employee Breakfasts…

If we are lucky enough to have the occasional company sponsored breakfast, we know that it’s hard to stay within your diet at one!  Between the sweet smelling doughnuts and the wonderful aroma of toasting bagels, it can be hard to find something to eat without pushing yourself off the proverbial wagon.  My trick is to bring something in from home and ignore the Employee Breakfast all together, lol.  If you would rather participate, and don’t see anything Keto friendly to eat, reach for the cream cheese.  A 1″ square block (1 oz) will run about 1g depending on brand.  It’s not bad alone, but slightly better with a dash of salt.
If you have enough advanced warning, you can bring in something to pair with the cream cheese, such as Keto Crackers or a couple of nice sharp cheddar cheese slices.  Maybe if we petition, we can get cheeses as an option at the next breakfast!
If you feel like being really fancy, and butter is an option on the table, whip up a quick batch of 90-second bread at home before work, split it in half and pop it in the toaster!  Top with  butter and enjoy!

By Christine
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