Drinking out

A lot of people have asked me if I can have alcohol, and the answer is YES, I can!  I just have to be smart about it.  Sure, it’s easy to order a water with lemon, but sometimes you are looking for something with a kick.  I have never been a beer or wine drinker (both basically no-nos on Keto), so there wasn’t anything there I would miss, but my old usual vodka & sprite or sombrero aren’t things that I am choosing to have anymore.  At this point I don’t think that I could have one if I wanted to.  My taste buds have changed so much that they would seem sickeningly sweet.

Opting for seltzer with lemon or lime gives me the bubbly that I do miss, with the refreshing taste of citrus.  Mix that with an alcohol that is higher than 35% ABV (70 proof), and you can have a Keto friendly cocktail!  At that ABV or higher, the majority of any sugar has been distilled out, so there are little carbs remaining.

While it isn’t for everyone, my new beverage of choice is 1800 Silver Tequila & seltzer with lemon.  It’s delicious!


Cheers to smarter decisions and improved health!

By Christine
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